Think About the Ideal Outcome

Think for a moment.  Examine your life, your wallet, your savings, your home, your wardrobe.  Really see what you have and what you have been experiencing in your life over the last 6 to 12 months.  Many of you are probably thinking you wish you had more, could do more, could experience new and different things and places, and could be more in life.  Perhaps you have some regrets about some of the decisions you have made or you might be wishing that you had made some different choices, and then your life would have been different.

Sometimes we struggle to make changes, to do different things, and to make more, save more, purge more, buy more, do more, and dress differently.  By doing more, surely something will happen that will change things around once and for all.

As we struggled to do more or do things differently, sometimes we are successful and sometimes we’re not.  I’ve learned from experience that doing more isn’t necessarily the answer.  So, I think more.  I think about the results I want and where I want to end up.  I think about the end results and then I think about the easiest, the simplest way of getting there, of achieving the results I want.

I spend far more time thinking and imagining the outcome and processes that are needed to arrive at the end result.  Yes, I spend more time in my head, in the imagination process.  I visualize the ideal outcome and about who and what can help me arrive with ease, with speed and with the least amount of effort expended.

Are you tired of the challenges and struggles?  Then relax.  Be still and quiet, and enjoy what you already have.  Be in a state of constant gratitude and focus on the ideal, the most perfect outcome – the outcome that would put a big smile on your face.

When I think of my business and the type of image I want to create for myself and for my clients, I think about how to create a great lasting impression.  At a recent seminar I gave, I spoke about Emotional Intelligence.  Being observant and sensitive about the impact of our actions and words on others is important in the processing of making good connections with people.  It’s essential to building great relationships.  And if you have been reading my other articles you will remember that I shared that everything we acquire in life is with and through other people.  And because money flows ‘through’ people to us, we need to be sensitive, present and aware of how we come across – the impact we have on others.

Our dress leaves an impression.  Our thoughts and feelings leave an impression.  Our behaviour leaves an impression. Everything we say and do…or don’t do…leaves an impression.  Dressing well, behaving well leaves a great impression and shows we have respect for ourselves and others.  Our wardrobe brands us, just as a logo, corporate culture, corporate colors and our products and service will brand us.

A brand, an impression, can be intentionally created or be inadvertently created.  The difference is the thought that goes into the process.  If you think about what we want to create, if we focus on what we want to create, we can create a better result.  If you ignore it and react without a lot of thought, and don’t care about the results, the results won’t be as good.  In fact they may be disastrous.
So take a moment, with a pad and pen and jot down your ideal image for yourself and your company.  Think about how your health will impact your image.  What do you need to do to change things around?  It may be a bit more exercise, a few more glasses of water, and some healthier selections at meal time.

Think about your physical grooming.  Health impacts your physical well being.  Do you need to drop a few pounds?  Do you need to boost your immune system, your energy and vitality? Do you need a better haircut and style?  A quick trim in front of the bathroom mirror can do wonders right now. Do you need to get into a new suit or find better fitting pants?  Or can the yoga pants with a nice shirt work well for now when you are working from home? Do you need new shoes or need to repair the heels and get a good polish on the leather? I feel lighter and more energetic with my indoor runners on when working in my home office.

Look at your hands and nails.  Do you need a manicure?  A good file and buff?  Look in the mirror…a little closer.  Do you have a few too many wrinkles around the eyes?  If so, perhaps a good eye cream is in order.  And perhaps a good exfoliant on the face is in order to slough away the dead skin cells.

Think about your office.  Does it need a good cleaning and de-cluttering?  Do you need some inspiring artwork or flowers to brighten the space?  Your local florist would appreciate the business right now. No time like the present.  Put this article down and put 10 things away.  Yup…put 10 things away right now!

Have you been out of touch with some people?  Pick 5 people from your database you haven’t connected with in a while and drop them a quick email to say hello.  Schedule a Zoom call. I did that this morning at 6:30am.  Fifteen minutes later, I got a return email.  You’d be surprised who is up at that time in the morning.

In my business, I take the time for a good conversation with clients and find out what is on their mind, what excites them, what concerns them, where they want to go, and then I look at their business and see what can CHANGE, RENEW, EMPOWER and TRANSFORM.  What they think about, what they focus on, and what shows up in their life is always in alignment.  If they are not getting what they want, it’s because they aren’t thinking in the right way.  They aren’t focusing on the right things.  And they aren’t aware of what is or isn’t creating the impact or the impression they desire.  That’s where we start – with the thinking – and the ideal outcome. Then MOVE… one step at a time in that direction. You can do this!


Copyright Deborah Reynolds