Success is Within Your Grasp

If you want to become successful in your goals and dreams, you must grow from within. If you want to have maximum impact and influence on others and your circumstances, you must grow from within.

You need to eliminate the toxic mindset and behavior from your life and replace it with a positive mindset, and deep love and appreciation for mankind.

Remove the tendency to be confrontational. Eliminate anger, negativity, unforgiveness, resentment and offence. Eliminate past wrongs, the foul language, the need to attack others verbally or physically, eliminate the thoughts of ill will towards others. Release and eliminate anything that is toxic. Let it go.

Many people before you have moved forward in a positive way. They have paved a way with love, collaboration, with a determination to set a good example and to do the right thing. Do the same. Be kind. Be respectful.

Focus on the best attributes you have and leave the best possible impression – the best possible authentic impression on others.

Dig deep and listen to your heart. It may be aching right now. Listen and display compassion towards yourself and others. Help and support others. Be patient. Be forgiving. Be a leader. Display the best morals and values.  Hold yourself accountable. Choose to forge a path that others after you will want to follow because it causes no harm but fosters great relationships and bonds that last a lifetime and allows the light of everyone to shine.

Then, and only then, will success be within your grasp, allowing you to pass the baton.

© 2020 Deborah Reynolds

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