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Business Acceleration Webinar Series

Join Deborah for this condensed three part Webinar Series designed for the small business owner. You will be picking up invaluable business building and management tips. A must attend program for those who need the EDGE! 

 This three part, 4.5 hour Webinar is jam-packed full of information to help you build specific strategies for your own business. You will walk away with an Action Plan ready to implement. We promise if you implement our ideas your business results and profits WILL accelerate. GUARANTEED! 
 You will learn how to: 
  • Re-create Your Revenue Model 
  • Generate MORE PROFITS immediately! 
  • Get established as an Expert! 
  • Create a lead generation tool! 
  • Capture more leads by setting up an Opt-In Box Tap into the best online and offline marketing strategies! 
  • Easily create and implement systems for your business! 
  • Maximize your database with low cost ongoing follow up! 
  • Use leverage in your business! 
  • Know Who You Do Business With: Protecting and Repairing Your Business Image 
Hiring the wrong employee … Choosing the wrong client … Hiring the wrong vendor … can cost you money and sometimes be downright dangerous. Plus your personal and professional reputation can be damaged just being associated with unethical people.  And the dollar amounts aren't trivial. Many professionals have lost thousands of dollars because they were in business with the wrong person. 
During the webinar you’ll learn about a service designed to protect you and your place of business. There are easy ways to conduct background checks on people all across Canada. Many are free. Find out what these resources are and how to use them. . 
Deborah Reynolds had an impressive 15 year career in law enforcement before forming her consulting firm, About Face Image Consulting. She knows firsthand the dangers and risks of doing business with the wrong people. Today her company specializes in repairing, creating and building the reputations of the entrepreneurs and executives she works with.

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