Feeling a little out of sorts and stressed these days? No doubt… given this crisis before us. A few of you are calm and collected and moving forward nicely, virtually without skipping a beat. And I expect you have tweaked or pivoted slightly. Some of you are a little anxious and worried, and some of you are downright freaked out by the sudden change of circumstances, controversy and uncertainty.  It’s mindset people. Mindset is the key to overcoming this major crisis. And mindset is definitely within your control.

Last year, in 2019, thirteen courageous women shared their inspirational stories after a life-changing diagnosis. Those stories resulted in a beautiful book, The Silver Lining of Cancer, spearheaded by Tracey Ehman. I was honoured to be one of the thirteen and shared my silver lining after being diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia in 2011. At the time of publishing we were blessed to have the book reach #1 on Amazon, under the category of Physician and Patient Healing.

After receiving the news of my diagnosis, along with a prognosis of likely to survive another fifteen to thirty years, my first thoughts were “Seriously? I’m planning to live another forty-plus years! And then I asked myself “How do I use this to help other people?”

Upon reflection that initial response even surprised me. Yet again I have spent years studying mindset and know what an impact words, thoughts, and beliefs have on our state of being and outcomes. My immediate decision and conviction to survive for another forty years and the foresight to ask myself a powerful question helped to propel me forward in a positive direction with positive action. And of course, I went right into research mode, one of my skills that is both a blessing and a curse.

My experience resulted in documenting what I did to maintain great health, without chemo, radiation or medication. I created the 6 Pillars of Transformation & Wellness for Powerful Living. Those Pillars include Mindset, Breath, Movement, Nutrition, Heart and Soul. Check out a few blog articles here – https://www.deborahreynolds.com/coaching-consulting/wellness-program/

But today I want to share a few things that can immediately shift your mindset. It’s a vitally important topic because if you are stressed, anxious, and worried, you are definitely unable to think clearly and unable to make critical sound decisions that can help you navigate through this global health and financial crisis.

Here are a few things that I engage in daily to keep it together and focus on the necessary and critical things that can move me forward with ease.  My focus is on two main topics – health and finances. With these addressed properly, all is well.

  • Sleep. Get good sound sleep. And I’m not perfect with this. There are nights when I blow it and don’t get good sleep, but I adjust throughout the day accordingly with an extra session of meditation or a light nap.
  • Sugar. Reduce or eliminate all sugar. For me, a small treat would be mid-morning or before lunch. Anything after lunch affects my sleep. This is about knowing your body and how it responds to food or anything you ingest.
  • Caffeine. No coffee after noon.
  • Prayer. I spend time in the bible, reading scriptures on Faith, Healing and Prosperity to keep me centered. And I find reading scripture calms me down and my peace is substantially increased.
  • Mediation. I take 20-30 minutes, and sometimes twice a day meditating. The headphones go on and I cover up with a warm afghan and close my eyes for some rest. This is a strategy I use at the end of my “workday” in my home office.
  • Morning Routine. My morning includes showering, coffee, supplements, and breakfast. And I make my bed because have a clean master bedroom makes me feel good when I walk into the room.
  • Dress for Work. I like to dress comfortably in my home office with leggings and predominantly yoga gear. The act of getting out of pajamas and getting ready for the office, is a motivator. I don’t always wear makeup, but if I’m on Zoom I’ll add a touch and will switch out my top for a light jacket. My secret weapon is running shoes – I wear indoor running shoes for stability and because I am running up and down stairs and the foot support energizes me.
  • End of Workday Routine. Establish an “end of workday” routine, which includes writing out my most critical things to be done the next day. This activity helps me to write down my goals, review my strategies and tasks for the next day, address the issues that concern me or create some mental and emotional challenges for me.
  • Exercise. Normally I would head to the treadmill in the morning. And sometimes I make it another “end of workday” routine. It is a great way to blow of some steam if the day was particularly challenging – an outside walk or 30 minutes on the treadmill.
  • Water. Filtered water and sometimes a few drops of essential oils added.
  • Healthy Nutritious Foods. Meals are lighter and healthier. And I avoid starchy carbs for dinner, keeping it to lean protein and vegetables or salad. I believe in homemade and limited processed foods.
  • Supplements. I take a host of supplements to keep my liver and kidney clean. From a health and immunity perspective, these organs filter toxins from the body.
  • Bedtime Routine. Before bed supplements. I take Calcium and Magnesium, 2000-3000 IU of Vitamin D3, and some minerals. This calms my muscles and help me relax. I also take Pineal Code (about 10-15 drops) and Melatonin.
  • Essential Oils. A few drops of Lavender Essential oil on my pillow.
  • Smile and Be in Gratitude. You are blessed in so many ways. When you physically smile, pull back your shoulders and stand tall, you instantly feel better. Count your blessings and say out loud what you are grateful for.
  • Look at Your Finances. Review your financials and ensure you have 8 weeks runway. Please don’t bury your head in the sand. You will get through this. You want to navigate the bills, your credit cards, your statements and plan. Put it down on paper and crunch the numbers. Knowing you are okay for at least a month is good. Knowing you are okay for 8 weeks is great. Knowing you are okay for longer – awesome! Just put together a plan that can, for the moment, make you sleep easy.

You can do this!  I believe in you!

Copyright Deborah Reynolds www.DeborahReynolds.com