Taking care of business requires that you take care of your time.  It’s your most important asset.  One of the most common problems within business is the constant complaint that ‘there isn’t enough time in the day to get it all done’.  Well, let’s face it, you aren’t going to get it all done.  There always seems to be several other things that should and could be done when the day comes to an end.  Your productivity is affected by your efficiency and what you focus on during the day, and whether you are getting the desired results.  Remember Stephen Covey’s suggestion – keep the end in mind.

Giving your full attention to necessary tasks can be difficult with constant interruptions – the phone, the cell phone, pager, faxes, colleagues asking questions, clients demanding your time, a mile high in-box and that “to-do list”.  Never enough hours in the day.  Some people put an enormous amount of pressure on themselves to produce – the workaholics.  Others are just too lazy and their work ethic leaves much to be desired.  If you spend the day doing the job, my suggestion is to learn to love what you are doing so it seems effortless.

Focus on the top three things that need to get done – the three that will have the biggest impact on propelling the business forward and help you reach your goals.  Focus on the most difficult task first thing in the morning – get it done and completed and then move on to the second task.  By concentrating on only one thing, you will be far more productive.  Stretch yourself and tackle something you haven’t done before and push yourself further than you’ve pushed yourself before. Whether you succeed or fail is not the point.  Having the courage to try something new and to push yourself beyond the previous limits you have set for yourself, will help to build your confidence.  It will also broaden your experience. You can’t grow unless you stretch and move outside your comfort zone.  Life can be boring if it’s too easy.

For the week, focus on how you can touch base with clients and enhance your reputation.  How can you connect with clients and prospects?  Connection is about building a relationship with them as a trusted resource.  Focus on how you can stretch yourself – doing something to enhance your potential.  It’s a great business accelerator.