Image Affects Everything

Image affects everything: leadership, team communication strategies, customer service, dealing with difficult people and time management. Everything that you do and don’t do also affects your image and how you are perceived.

Being in business since 1990 has taught me to guard my image and my reputation. I make sure that everything I do and say demonstrates that I am a person of quality and integrity. I can’t take my words or actions back, so I always consider my actions very carefully before I take them.

You are always communicating. Whether you say the words or don’t say the words, you are still communicating. Everything about the way you look sends messages to other people about what your value is. Your body position, energy, and facial expression subtly communicate who you are on an instinctual level. If you want to be successful and have people take you seriously, you have to pay attention to what your image is silently telling others.

If you are struggling to meet certain goals and objectives, it is possible you need to shift how you are thinking and approaching your current challenge. You have to think and act from a different level. It is the ability to think from the future, to think from the future place you are wanting to get to. It is your ability to imagine the future – creating a vivid image of what you desire and who you need to become. You must see yourself living the experience.

Decide on what kind of person you want to be, both inside and out, and then go to work to make the changes you need to become that person.

Decide on the goals you are wanting to achieve. It takes a certain person to attract specific goals and results into your life. You must become the type of person who is worthy of achieving that desired goal. If you are not ‘there’ yet, it means you have more work to do. It is inner work. It is a constant process of self-growth and development.

When I decided I wanted to get married, I thought long and hard about the type of man I wanted to marry. I wrote it down, listing out the qualities and characteristics of this ideal man. I remember I took the list home to Mom and Dad and read it out. They smiled and said, “You will never find anyone like that. Lower your expectations.” I was surprised, paused, and then said, “I am not going to lower my expectations.”

On my drive home I thought more carefully about what they said and about what I wanted in my life. I then asked myself one of the most important questions of my life –

Who do I need to become… to attract that man into my life?

Oh… and after all the inner work, I did in fact find my ideal partner and husband, without having to compromise on my list! I am not blowing smoke here – this technique actually works! 

So, get clear on the goals and dreams you want for yourself. Be specific. Then write down who you need to become to attract those goals and dreams into your life.

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