Networking - Powerful Image

“If you are looking to build a powerful image, you first need to decide what type of person you want to be and how you want to interact with others.”

Most often people define us by our occupation or business. When networking we are always asked, “What do you do?” or “What line of work are you in?” Rarely are we approached by others and asked about what keeps us busy on our days off.

So next time you are networking online, consider asking the group, “What keeps you busy on your days off?” More personal questions allow for people to understand and see you at greater depth. They see you and your business from a different perspective, which is illuminating and surprisingly wonderful.

What techniques are you using to build rapport? If you have a good relationship with someone, asking deeper questions may get an honest response. But if you are recently acquainted, I would suggest revealing some things about yourself first, before asking questions. Sharing your vulnerabilities, allowing the other person to relax.

Try asking, “What are you working on?” or “What possibilities are you exploring for your career or business?”

We begin to connect and establish rapport with each other based on a search for similarities. Most of us have heard the old saying “like attracts like.” We feel more understood, appreciated, heard, and accepted when we surround ourselves with people who have a similar outlook on life. We feel like we belong, and that in turn builds harmony and garners greater interest. Building a tribe or community with Facebook Groups is a great way to expand on this approach.

If you are looking to build a powerful image, you first need to decide what type of person you want to be and how you want to interact with others. Take this one step further and decide as a business, what type of interactions you want with other businesses and with your clients. Once you have decided, then it’s time to see which elements of your behavior, attitude and beliefs need to change in order to support the image you wish to create. Think of it as the strategic pruning of your character that will help shape you into the person you want to become.

The definition of character comes from the Greek word “chisel.” Life experiences, and your response to each and every one of them, shape you just as a chisel is used to shape rock, stone or granite. You are not born with a fully developed character — it’s molded and shaped gradually over time. Your character encompasses the position you take in life, what you stand for, and your ability to endure and withstand pressures. It will carve out your reputation, so be aware that developing your character is a process that requires careful thought and discernment.

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