Get the Competitive Edge

Having the competitive edge means that in order to be one step ahead, you have to do more than just what everyone else is doing. Your actions and ability to help and support your clients need to create a “WOW” factor. You need to stand out and nurture your clients in a loving, caring, authentic manner. Clients have high expectations. Therefore, it is critical that you not just meet those expectations, but exceed them. 

One of the most common mistakes I see so called experts, coaches and consultants make is right after they sign up a new client. They are attentive during the on-boarding process. However, they seem to drop the ball and neglect to give special attention to nurture the clients right after they have paid the bill. 

Fulfilling on promises made during the sales process needs to start happening right away. That period between the client paying for the service or product, and the ‘first’ formal call or session needs to make the client feel special and appreciated. Give extra attention and share added value to show that you mean business and are taking the client’s investment seriously and with the deepest of gratitude. They most likely have made a hefty investment. So please don’t take that for granted. 

Is there something that makes you stand out in the crowd, as an exceptional businessperson?
What would make someone want to do business with you, as opposed to your competitors?
What are you doing to stand out and make your new clients feel special and appreciated after the on-boarding process?
What do they need to jump ahead and start tackling the problems you have discussed?
What can you provide them that will help them immediately to start implementing solutions?

Your personal and professional image is the most vivid representation you have, and it communicates who you are without words. Having a good reputation and well-pulled-together image goes a long way to being memorable. It is only part of your brand, image, and reputation.  

Enhancing your business image is not just looking good. It is considerably more complex than that. It requires positioning, ensuring you are not self-sabotaging your efforts. It is ensuring others around you don’t get the upper hand to sabotage your efforts. 

If you are wondering and even worrying, about how you are coming across and how other people see you in business, we need to chat. I would love to see you as the expert, and see you position yourself to have the competitive edge. An EDGE that is not just self-proclaimed, but authentic with real substance behind what you offer and do for your clients. Because it is all about the results. The faster the client achieves the results they are desiring, the better your reputation will be. 

Getting a handle on this will allow you to create exponential growth and income in your business, open doors for opportunities to flow in, and allow you to move forward with ease. Click here to book a coffee chat with me so we get you Noticed, Known and Remembered… for all the right reasons.

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