Defining your image

What is Image? In the dictionary, Image is defined as:

  • the opinion or concept of something
  • the character projected to the public
  • a mental picture
  • a vivid representation
  • an expressive or evocative representation

In this more explosive digital age, alignment is critical. What you think – that mental picture in your head, your character that is projected outwards to others, either in person or online, the opinions we form and how they are expressed are so very important.

It is extremely easy for others to misinterpret what we say and do. People are easily offended and quick to criticize. Both Offence and Criticism are destroyers of great relationships. Most everything we acquire in life is with and through other people. If we choose to be offended or choose to criticize others, we create a large divide between us and them. Being able to mentally and emotionally release wrong doings and move on is important for us to make progress and move forward to a new future. They are important and necessary to build great relationships. And they are important elements for great business and great clients.

If you are choosing to maintain an emotional and vivid image in your mind or reinforce a memory or incident, please ensure it is one that leaves you feeling great, instead of one that leaves you feeling angry and frustrated.

The ability to control your mind and your emotions are vital skills. If you are worrying about how you are coming across and how other people see you in business, we need to chat. Overcoming this obstacle will allow you to create exponential growth and income in your business, open doors for opportunities to flow in, and allow you to move forward with ease.

© 2020 Deborah Reynolds

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