How many of you are constantly interrupted throughout the day? It’s a very common problem.  Constant distractions significantly increase the time you spend on any project and the time and energy necessary to re-focus on the task at hand can be exhausting.  Each time you come back to the same task you might find yourself muttering under your breath  – “Now where was I?” as you try to find your place on the document you were reviewing.  Or perhaps you’re trying to remember that great idea that popped into your head, only to find yourself re-reading the last few paragraphs again.

Controlling the demands on your time must be a habit you learn to master.  It’s not about letting life just happen to you.  You have to design your day, just as you would design your week or month, or even your year.  Some initial focus on how you structure your day, from the administrative tasks to working on the business, will be the key to extraordinary success.

If you and your colleagues are suffering from this dilemma and want to Maximize Your Time, bookdrop me an email at .  Learning to focus your mind and knowing what gives you the best outcomes and best results will be the difference between success and failure, and that can make a significant difference to your bottom line.