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Executive ProgramsSo HOW do you look, groom yourself, behave and speak to get any position or promotion you want?  Tough question, I know, but its very important to know the answers if you want to figure out what’s really getting in the way of achieving your ultimate career goals. At this point you may be wondering “Is the way I look, act and think enhancing my personal image, The image of my team and the image of the company I work for?”  In a word… Yes! In fact it is essential for both peak performance and career enhancement. 
You see, looking only at your qualifications to determine if you should have received a certain promotion isn’t enough. What happens if everyone else being considered is also similarly qualified? What sets you apart from them? And more importantly how does upper management make their decision? Isn’t it conceivable that they could promote someone slightly less qualified if they just “feel better” about someone else?
You bet they could! 
 It may be unfair, but that’s life – Besides it’s also just human nature. It is situations like these where the intangible qualities of a person come into play. Things like… 
• How you dress and look. 
• How you speak and behave. 
• How you handle difficult situations. 
• How you behave at staff parties, other  functions and corporate social events. 
• Do Co-Workers or your superiors respect you. 
• Do you have leadership qualities. 
• Are you a good fit for the position. 
In fact there is a long list of things you must pay attention to and understand to get the promotion of your dreams, or to maximize your potential in your current position. You see, it all comes back to the first impression you made and the day to day impression that you continue to make! So don’t leave it to chance! That’s a sure way for it never to happen. 
Image consulting and training services are an investment – a true benefit for your life, your career and your company.  Recognizing the value of people to the overall organization, About Face Image Consulting Inc. (AFIC) delivers a customized, comprehensive image management coaching and training support system to meet your needs. Coaching and training can be delivered on an individual basis, in formal group training sessions, and on a retainer basis.  Clients have seen improved productivity, self-esteem and confidence, morale, and profits to the bottom line in addition to a number of other benefits. With the ability to bridge the gap between employee, business and customer needs, About Face Image Consulting coaches on individual and company image, executive and leadership development, branding, wardrobe, social and business etiquette, and the impact of image management both personally and professionally.

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