So what's your excuse?

So What’s Your Excuse?

Do you know who you are and what you stand for? In my nearly fifteen years working for the federal government and thirty years in business I observed that certain values where absent from the work force with whom I associated with on a daily basis. I struggled with the number of people who failed […]


Create the Best Climate for Collaboration

We spend hours a day thinking we are thinking when in fact we are daydreaming or focusing on past memories.  It’s not actually thinking.  While there are many forms of thinking, the planning process of redesigning our life, our business and a specific project requires some specific skills.  Some skills involve how we think, how […]

Strategic Thinking

Strategic Thinking

We all wish we had the ideal outcome. The process for effectively achieving the desired outcome will be determined by your thinking, specifically your strategic thinking, critical thinking and creative thinking.  Taking the time to think well about your plans, goals, and dreams will ensure you leave a great lasting impression.  Minimal mistakes will be […]

Think About the Ideal Outcome

Think About The Ideal Outcome

Think for a moment.  Examine your life, your wallet, your savings, your home, your wardrobe.  Really see what you have and what you have been experiencing in your life over the last 6 to 12 months.  Many of you are probably thinking you wish you had more, could do more, could experience new and different […]

Business Acceleration Bootcamp

In my Business Acceleration Bootcamp the participants get an opportunity to work on their business, rather than in their business.  And we all know from the book E-Myth, by Michael Gerber, how important it is to spend time working on the business – structure and systems. Part of the focus for the day is establishing […]

How is Your Business Really Doing?

It’s a tough question and in this recession doing a business profitability assessment is critical.  Try this free 10 minute total business diagnostic. It’s important to know what is working in the business and what isn’t working.  Then go to work and get a total business makeover and set things right.  Implement the right business […]


Neil Godin’s Marketing Dangerously meetup this afternoon featured guest speaker, Shane Gibson.  Shane shared the 10 attributes of a Guerilla Social Media Marketer – a sneak peak version of his soon to be released book, Guerilla Social Media Marketing will be released in September 2010.  Brilliant!  This is a must read.  I was one of the lucky winners […]