Dressing For Success

We used to hear the phrase – ‘dressing for success’. The phrase implies a form of ‘staging’ to prepare for success and display success through our grooming, wardrobe and props such as our pen and car. It was so important to be impeccably groomed to reflect a good first impression and a great lasting impression. Since working from home and working remotely has been a requirement, the impeccably groomed appearance has shifted to a more relaxed and comfortable version of business casual. The airs of polished perfection have been set aside for greater authenticity.

Today, our online presence needs some attention. Make sure your online image is setting you up for success. Whether our online presence is branded images and quotes, old or recent photographs, images taken spontaneously as we move through the day, every image builds our personal and business image and brand.

When we are thinking of making a connection, building a relationship with authenticity is important. Our ability to show up online, through images and video, and live at online networking events, Zoom meetings or Facebook Lives allows us to be more at ease and for people to see a more relaxed and comfortable version of us. This is so important because it is real…authentic.

Think about these things when going online with video:

  • Reflect an awareness of first impressions – things do not have to be perfect. Show up with enthusiasm and a smile.
  • Create an intentional, purposeful image – they get to see the real you and your office from your Logitech camera. It’s okay to have some papers on your desk. Just make sure there is good lighting so people can fully see your face.
  • Be appropriate for the environment, the occasion, industry, and client – bring your favorite beverage along as if you are meeting in a coffee shop.
  • Be timeless – select timeless pieces – shirts, tops, sweaters and jackets that are conservative and show up well online. Scale back on flamboyant prints and shiny fabrics because video can distort the appearance.
  • Reflect the best aspects of the company you represent – be groomed, hair combed, clean shirt or top.
  • Reflect your client, your target market and industry – how would they be dressing. Match that.
  • Connect with your audience – look at the camera and let them know you are taking notes because what they say is important and you want to be able to remember and refer back to your notes.
  • Create and build rapport – yes, look at the camera, not just their image on Zoom. We are conditioned to look at the other person’s face, but by looking at their image online, you are actually NOT looking them in the eye. So… look right at the camera lens.
  • Reflect the best of what you have to offer – provide a great introduction.
  • Have integrity and be ethical – be honest and real, polite and respectful, displaying the highest character.
  • Reflect your uniqueness as you want to be noticed, known, and remembered. Ask what you can do for the other person. “How can I help you?”
  • Focus on creating a great lasting impression.

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